21 Day Challenge: Day 2, oops.

Everyone slips up from time to time, even professional run-way models *inserts shrugging emoji* Photo Credit: http://www.rediff.com



Today was a good day. You notice I did not say great but it was PRETTY DARN GOOD. I woke up in good health and today I am thankful for life. Something many of us take for granted. I am thankful for strength of overcoming and I am thankful for change because what if we couldn’t change things we didn’t like or our lifestyles or anything for that matter life would definitely be interesting and I’ll leave it at that. I have been up pretty much most of the night and I am VERY VERY E X H A U S T E D.  so I will make this short sweet and simple. I have been a road runner today, so my urges were non-existent, which is a beautiful thing. so, yay me !

I not only was busy at work, but I had to get out in this mess of “last minute shoppers” like myself and battle for a few Christmas items I had to pick up and let me just say, that was enough to make me revert back to my old ways but I listened to some music to calm my nerves and I was on my way. Plus, I was too occupied with other things to even think that way. which color, which size, well what goes with this. OH THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.

By the time I got home I was using toothpicks to keep my eyes open. You ever just walk through the front door and feel like tired just smacked you right across your sleep. OMG I just couldn’t find the energy to do ANYTHING but get refreshed with a shower, drink some chamomile tea & fall UNDER the bed.

Although my day was busy and short I did discover some new things that will help me along my journey.

  1. my urges to revert back are not bad UNTIL I’m around it or see someone else doing it, but once I smell it I’m totally off of it.
  2. As long as I keep myself busy, it rarely ever crosses my mind. If I’m just sitting there doing nothing contemplating things to do then nine times out of ten it will cross my mind out of boredome.
  3.  Now I’m NOT a saint we talked about this yesterday so I will admit I may have had 1-2 slip ups during the day. However, they were right when I got home and number 2 is the reason why, someone else did it so it was like when you have an itch, you gotta scratch and I just so happened to fall into it. but in my defense at least I am having less slip ups a day.

So, here’s to slowly but surely diminishing my slip-up, working on a new me, 5 days until Christmas, starting new years resolutions early, and working hard to follow through with them.

Thanks, Jewell.


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